13 ideas for storing and organising your cleaning products

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Doing the housework isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite task, but if you also find yourself having to rummage through a complete mess to find what you need to get started, it’s worse again. It may seem a thing of nothing, but having a clean and organised home also means having your cleaning products well organised. 

And even if you have things carefully stored under the sink, have a look here anyway to help you find a few tips to see things a little clearer!

1) Need a simple, portable and clever idea?

We love this idea, using a mini shelf containing two removable baskets.

capture 2016-08-23 à 17.38.11

2) This built in kitchen storage idea allows you to keep everything within arm’s reach

Remember to keep sponges, wipes and the other products you use the most frequently near the top, and the others at the bottom. Easy access is key!

capture 2016-08-23 à 17.38.24

3) Here you see a more advanced version, with the possibility of storing more products and hanging dustpans, brushes, cloths, etc.

capture 2016-08-23 à 17.38.37

4) Adding sticky labels will help you quickly find what you are looking for, and ensure you don’t mix your products up.

Leave one area for dusting products, another for floor cleaning, etc. Ideal for when you are teaching your children to help out around the house, as they will be able to find what they are looking for more easily. You can also see that they have optimised the space in this brush cupboard, by adding shelves and using the door of the press for storing brushes, rolls of kitchen paper, etc.

capture 2016-08-23 à 17.38.51

5) Intelligent design

This storage unit contains a stock of bin bags or plastic bags and a basin for cleaning products (which are not mixed with the other things because they can be corrosive and toxic). There is also an easy-to-reach hollow for holding sponges and scrubbing brushes.

capture 2016-08-23 à 17.39.05

6) When function meets style: you can make a pretty basket for carrying sponges and cloths etc. around the house with you, ready to attack any surface.

capture 2016-08-23 à 17.39.15

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