7 Ideas to make your dog happy

The dog is a loyal animal, a little ball of fur that we all love. Here are 7 easy tips to make your dog happy. Your little furry beast will be delighted, and so will you.

How to help your dog cool down?

Just like you, your dog also gets too hot during Summer. Using this technique, take his favourite toy, a plastic or inflatable basin and bags of ice. Your dog will play with his favourite toy in the basin, which will help him cool down.

How to slow your dog down while he is eating?

Sometimes, the little grubber eats too quickly. He gets food everywhere and is hungry again straight away after finishing. What to do? By putting a small ball in his bowl, you can encourage him to eat much less quickly.

How to remove the hairs your dog leaves on the furniture?

Sometimes, you love having your four-legged friend by your side. But he sheds so much hair! Put on a rough glove and wipe your hand over the soft furnishings -all the dog hairs will come off with ease!

What to do if the glove trick doesn’t work?

Use a scraper for removing frost from your car in Winter. This works even better than a rough glove, and you don’t end up with any dog hairs on the furniture!

Make your dog his own cushion!

Don’t throw out your old jumpers and sheets! Take a float for a swimming pool (see below) and insert it in the sleeves of an old jumper. Put the sheet into the belly part of the jumper. Join the two ends of the float at the base of the jumper, and attach them together with strong sticky tape. Arrange the jumper to disguise the float and the rest is a piece of cake! A lovely dog cushion for minimal cost and very quick to make!

Sock toy!

Are his dog toys a bit tatty? One idea could be to put a few dog treats in a sock, although there is a risk that your dog will eat them. Instead, place a used toy in the sock and your ball of fur will have a completely new accessory.

The keyring

You want to walk your dog, but you don’t want to bring your bag? Put your house keys on your dog’s collar, to make sure you don’t lose them. All the same, avoid overloading your little puppy.

Beware this so-called “good idea”!

At times, certain websites advise that you make a ball for your dog made of dog treats rolled in tissue. This is not a great idea, because the dog is likely to eat the tissue, which has taken on the tasty aroma of the dog treats. To be avoided!

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