8 magic tricks to amaze your friends at parties

You may have a family party coming up and need to think of a few ideas to keep the kids entertained. If so, follow this guide! With these cool magic tricks which can be done using only what you have at home, you’ll be the king or queen of the party! Pay attention all the same, fire can be dangerous around tiny tots!

1. The magic candle

Do you want to show your children how to light a candle without touching it? Take a candle that is already lighting and place a fresh match on the flame. It will light up. Blow out the candle and approach the puff of smoke above it with the lighting match. Hover the match above the candle (without touching the wick) and watch it relight all by itself.

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2. Magic balancing can

Pour 100 mls of liquid into the can and place it on its side. It will stay balanced and you can even spin it around on the rims without it falling.

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3. Remove a table cloth without touching what’s on top of it

This is very simple to do in fact. Grip the table cloth with your two hands near the table, and pull down vertically, but not horizontally. This works fairly well on small tables, but a little less so on large ones.

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4. The turning foot challenge

Set a challenge for your family. They need to turn their right foot in the clockwise direction, keeping their legs crossed. Next, with the opposing hand, they should make a semi-circle in the air in an anti-clockwise direction. The direction in which their foot is moving will change automatically.

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5. More magic candles

Mix a little bicarbonate of soda with vinegar in a jug. Put your hand over the jug to ensure the mixture doesn’t rise and spill over. Tilt the jug towards some lighting candles, “pouring” the gas that is released on to them, and the candles will be extinguished.

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4. The hand challenge

Challenge your children! They need to put their hand facing palm down on the table, and bend in their middle finger. Get them to raise their other fingers, one at a time. They won’t be able to raise the ring finger.

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5. The fork challenge

With this challenge, show your family what you can do by balancing two forks. Place a match or a toothpick between the two forks and you’ll find that you can balance the whole lot on the tip of your finger.

Capture d’écran 2016-07-21 à 11.09.40

6. The bouncing ball

With a small ball and a table, you can make the ball come back to the exact place you threw it from! You simply need to bounce it under the table and it will bounce right back into your hand.
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7. Make a bank note smile

If you have a bank note featuring a face, make a light crease around the person’s nose, and two on each eye in the opposite direction. By simply turning the note in one direction or another, you can make the face smile or look sad (depending on the direction in which you turn it).

Capture d’écran 2016-07-21 à 11.10.05 Capture d’écran 2016-07-21 à 11.10.09

8. The coin challenge

Pirece a hole in a matchbox. Place a match into the hole, and lean another match against it. The heads of the two matches should be touching. Place a coin under the leaning match and challenge your family to take the coin without touching the matches. You simply need to light the middle of the leaning match and it will raise up of its own accord.

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