9 ideas for reorganising and customising your cupboard space

At times, space can be an issue around the home. If your home is a little on the cramped side, allow these ideas to inspire you as to how to make the most of some under-used cupboard space: in the kitchen or in the office, anything is possible with a little ingenuity. However, if you prefer to leave your cupboards as they are, check out our article on how to create space with other pieces of furniture

1. Child’s workspace

This work space is very easy to make. You simple need a little chalkboard paint to be able to write on the wall. Empty your cupboard space and make a little desk with trestles and a board. All that’s left to do is make a few objects to customise and organise the space.

Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest

2. The kitchen

This idea is quite ingenious, but requires the help of a professional. If you have only a very small space, you can move your whole kitchen into your cupboard space.

Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest

3. An adolescent’s desk

Here, you can keep the high shelves and a mid height shelf, in order to avoid having to do major works. You will have an amazing desk with almost no effort! Place a few cork boards on the walls of the cupboard so that your teenager can add a few photos or memos.

Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest

4. Built in kitchen

As well as a work space and a sink, you also have a small fridge and a cooker. A full kitchen that maximises every inch of space!

Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest

5. Office space

If your cupboard is very narrow, keep a shelf and add a stool, a few desk organisers and the job is done! Easy, huh?

Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest

6. An organised office

Start the day the organised way! This is a fairly traditional model, which will suit all homes and all sizes of cupboard.


7. The large office

If you are lucky enough to have a large, unused space at your disposal, empty the cupboard shelving and install a large desk. Ideal for professionals who work from home.

Cole Street

8. Personalised office

With this personalised desk, your daughter will have no more excuses for not doing her homework. And with a smile!


9. The cosy corner

If your cupboard isn’t very tall, but has plenty of space, you can make this cosy corner with a desk and a little bench for relaxing.

office/reading nook

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