Brighten up your home with a stunning roof window: let the light shine in!

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We love to talk and moan at length about our British climate, with temperatures that don’t often invite you to spend time in the outdoors! Resigning ourselves to the sofa, we often spend a high percentage of our time indoors. But what we often forget is that we are blessed with natural light, with several months of the year in which our days stretch on forever. Why not make the most of what nature has given us, allowing some of that light to brighten your interior? A roof window can be a stunning way to do this, transforming a dark, poky space into a little corner of paradise! 

A roof window can work in any home, as there is no style of decor that doesn’t benefit from more light! Increased light gives a room an airier, brighter aspect and makes it seem much larger. Adding light can also reduce a feeling of clutter, and can change the entire mood of a room. You can customise a roof window to your own styles and tastes, adding blinds and accessories of your choice! In terms of blinds, you can further enhance the space with a choice of colours and patterns. Go bold with bright colours, or maintain an elegant atmosphere with muted, sophisticated tones. There is something for all rooms, and something to suit all budgets. Companies such as The Roof Window Store make it easy to choose the right roof window for you, and they break down the process for you step by step with their helpful and clear guidelines. Your only problem will be deciding which one to choose to light up your life!

What’s more, taking advantage of the natural light, as well as making your home a more pleasant place to relax, will also help you save on your electricity bills. Research has shown that roof windows enable you to spend less on lighting. Using less electricity also means you are doing your bit for the planet, giving back to Mother Nature what she is giving to you, and enjoying a beautiful new space while you are at it!

Here we present a selection of adorable attics, beautiful bathrooms, luscious lofts and delicious dormer bedrooms to inspire you:

The Roof Window Store


The Roof Window Store


The Roof Window Store

If you’ve been inspired to add some natural light to your interiors, check out The Roof Window Store to set you on your way!

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