What should you get as a first tattoo?

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You may be planning to get your first tattoo, however you don’t know yet what style would best suit you. Dotwork, Maori, old-school or just something small and simple? You may be celebrating an event or simply covering up a mark or blemish. Find out more about how to make up your mind, in order to finally take the plunge!

Your first tattoo: A complex decision

Choosing the design for your first tattoo can be difficult, due in part to the extremely wide range of possibilities, but also to the fact that getting a tattoo can be a daunting experience in itself. Whether you’re going for a big or small tattoo, taking the plunge is a huge step! Small tattoos can be very sophisticated, and if you are willing to start out on a smaller scale, you can check out these small tattoo ideas. Nonetheless, some people start big, even if they have no idea of the level of pain they are letting themselves in for. But as the saying goes: no pain, no gain. When getting a tattoo, a little suffering and discomfort is inevitable.

Your first tattoo is a special experience, which will stay ingrained in your memory forever. So try and make sure the experience is a positive one! The significance of a tattoo really has nothing to do with size, but more to do with the personal meaning it has for the individual, relating to certain experiences, stories or life events.

What factors lead people to getting a tattoo?

Not a question of age, but of motivation

Statistical studies have shown that the desire for tattoos is often high among the younger population, but there are many older people who are equally big fans of permanent ink on their bodies. 

Celebrating an achievement or marking a life event

A particular event that occurred in someone’s life can in fact become the starting point for promoting reflection, thinking, questioning and challenging our beliefs. The desire for change or marking a major change is one of the most common reasons that people decide to get a tattoo. Change can be something internal, but it can also relate to the external world, which gives life to the tattoos.  Before coming up with ideas for a first tattoo, let’s focus first on the reasons for getting tattoos.

The beauty of the designs

To choose the best design for you, think first about the basic design forms: lines, dots, geometrical shapes, etc. Try to isolate those elements in your mind and think about the results: are you looking for a narrow line on your hand, or perhaps a collection of colored dots? If you aren’t feeling inspired, look to nature: perhaps a feather beside your ear, or a butterfly on your ankle. If you still can’t decide, consider a number with a particular meaning for you, or even a group of musical notes.

Suggestions for your first tattoo experience

Before opting for your first tattoo, you should make sure to:

  • Take your time to make the right choice;
  • Compare all the different options;
  • Consider the part of your body you are most proud of, the part you most want to show off to people.

A tattoo is something very personal and meaningful in your life, and you can’t simply follow a formula. Try to think of something really meaningful and beautiful for you. “The greatest ideas are the simplest”, said writer William Golding, meaning that you don’t need to over-complicate things in order to get results. For example, many of the best tattoos start with small, simple design ideas: a line of colored dots, an anchor, a heart or a flower. And it’s not strictly necessary choose from a catalogue of images, you can also design your own. Your own designs can be both stunning and original, and the added personal touch only adds to their charm. 

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