Incredible technique for printing a photo onto wood or a t-shirt using… sunscreen!

Armed with your smartphone or even a camera, you enjoy taking your own ‘professional’ photos (depending on your own talents). Always on the lookout for ways of proudly displaying your works of art, you love showing them off and sharing them on social media. 

If this description sounds like you, you definitely need these two tutorials! They involve printing an image of your choice on to a t-shirt or some wood. It’s the perfect way to add a personal touch to your interiors or to your wardrobe. If you are tempted to immortalise your works of art, arm yourself with some sunscreen (even the old tube left over from last summer) and off you go!

Printing on wood for a charming rustic effect

What you need:

  • Baking paper
  • A sheet of A4 paper
  • Sticky tape
  • A printer
  • A plank of wood, ideally with a fairly smooth surface
  • Sun cream
  • A ruler
  • A paintbrush


1) Prepare your photo, making sure to inverse it if it includes text, to make sure the text will be readable.
capture 2016-08-09 à 15.33.23

2) Use the sticky tape to attach the baking paper to the sheet of A4. Make sure that the sticky tape in not in the printing area.
capture 2016-08-09 à 15.33.35

3) Print your photo, making sure that the image is printed onto the baking paper, and not the A4 sheet, which only serves as a support.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.33.43

4) Using a paintbrush, spread the sun cream on the wood.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.33.57

5) Gently take the baking paper, and place the printed side on the cream.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.34.08

6) Gently smooth it over with a ruler, so as not to have any gaps in the image. Leave it to dry for 10 minutes and carefully remove the baking paper. And there you go!
capture 2016-08-09 à 15.34.17

The results
capture 2016-08-09 à 15.34.27


Try out printing a t-shirt or two, to create some unique pieces for your wardrobe

What you need:

  • A printer
  • A plain t-shirt
  • Sun cream
  • An iron (and an ironing board)
  • The photo of your choice


1) Print out the photo.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.34.40

2) Apply the sunscreen to your photo.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.34.51

3) Place the t-shirt on a flat surface, avoiding creases, and place the photo in the desired area. The side with the sun cream should be against the material.
capture 2016-08-09 à 15.35.02

4) Iron it for a few moments.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.35.13

5) Lift one corner to see if it has worked, and gradually remove the photo.capture 2016-08-09 à 15.35.22

The result:
capture 2016-08-09 à 15.35.31

The video:

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